Global Response Network

Oil spills remain one of the most vivid and emotive threats to our environment. They can have a devastating impact on the wildlife and people who live and work in spill-affected areas.

GRN was set up to help minimise that impact.

Our members include some of the world’s leading specialists in oil spill response. Each of them brings a unique knowledge and experience of responding to spills in different parts of the world.

By pooling that knowledge and experience, we promote higher standards, greater consistency and a more effective response to spills worldwide.

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Membership Benefits

Team members work collaboratively, exchanging operating information, sharing response techniques and identifying best practice.

Over time, this helps us to create new standards and consistent ways of working that will keep improving oil spill response.

The GRN has an Executive Committee representing each of its members who meet twice a year and Operational Teams (OT’s), made up of subject matter experts from across our members. These teams focus on the key functional areas and techniques involved in tackling oil spills, including:


  • On Water Operations
  • Remote Surveillance
  • Ice-Covered Waters
  • Alternative Response Technologies
Global Response Network

Becoming a Member

The GRN is always open to new members who can add to our base of knowledge, expertise and geographical coverage.

By becoming a member you’ll have access to a wealth of know-how, shared resources and industry-leading techniques from the best in the business.

Take a look at our simple and straight forward application process now.

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GRN Charter

The Global Response Network (GRN) exists to share information, improve spill response performance and provide centres of expertise in spill preparedness, response and recovery techniques. It is a forum for (primarily surface) oil spill response organisations to improve their individual performance and effectiveness by:
• fostering strong collaborative relationships amongst Members;
• establishing functional teams to exchange operating information, response techniques and share good practice; and
• assisting oil companies and other stakeholders to enhance industry standards for spill response.

The GRN is not of itself a response organisation, nor does it act as a mechanism by which a spilling party can call on the GRN to activate Members it is otherwise not funding.

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