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GRN is the world’s leading collaborative network for oil spill response

Our members already include some of the industry’s best-known names – and we’re always open to new members who can add to our base of knowledge, expertise and geographical coverage.

To join, you’ll need to meet certain minimum membership criteria.

In return, you’ll have access to a wealth of know-how, shared resources and industry-leading techniques from the best in the business.

Membership Criteria

To be a member of GRN, you must…

  • Be an industry-funded response organisation, whose prime objectives do not include profit generation.
  • Provide services for multiple companies and operators
  • Offer a broad enough portfolio of services that you will be able to participate actively in the GRN Executive Committee and contribute experienced subject-matter experts to most GRN operational teams
  • Be willing to collaborate openly in sharing knowledge and resources, without expecting to gain from it
How to apply

Request an Application Pack

Send a formal written request by email to the GRN Secretariat. You’ll be sent a pack, explaining how membership works.

Submit your Application

You’ll need to provide the required information, so GRN’s executive committee can check your application meets the membership criteria.


Assuming you meet the criteria, the next step will be an invitation to meet GRN’s Executive Committee and make a presentation about your organisation’s capabilities.

Final decision

The final decision is at the discretion of the GRN EC, and if after the presentation EC members reach consensus as to the applicant becoming a Member they will be invited to join the GRN.

Provide a list of experts

If you decide to accept membership, you’ll need to provide a list of subject matter experts to be included in Operational Teams.

Take a seat on the Executive Committee

Your senior executive will also be invited to become a member of the Executive Committee.

Written Request

If you would like an application pack, please send a written request to:

Candace Davis
GRN Secretariat

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