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Should you spray dispersant?

If you are planning on using dispersants call an expert first.

For free advice, call your regional dispersant approval agency or your local Global Response Network member.

View our guide to dispersants below for more information.

Regional Dispersant Advice

Alaska Clean Seas (ACS)
Duty Manager    +1 907 659-2405

Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC)
Duty manager    +61 438 379328

Clean Gulf Associates (CGA)
Duty Manager   +1 888 242 2007

East Coast Response Corporation (ECRC)
Robert Starkes   +1 902 499 4633

Marine Spill Response Corp (MSRC)
Duty Manager    +1 800 645 7745

Norwegian Clean Seas Association (NOFO)
Duty Manager    +47 51 56 30 16

Oil Spill Response (OSRL)
Duty Manager    +44 (0) 23 8033 1551

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