Our Members

Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) provides a unique portfolio of services to support member companies in some of the most environmentally challenging and remote conditions in the world.

Established in 1979, Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) is an oil spill response cooperative whose current membership includes oil and pipeline companies that engage in or intend to undertake oil and gas exploration, development, production or pipeline transport activities on the North Slope of Alaska. ACS is active in fostering a common organizational structure for responding to and managing spills on the North Slope of Alaska.

ACS’s area of operation includes Alaska’s North Slope, the Outer Continental Shelf off the coast of the State of Alaska, and the lands beneath navigable waters of Alaska, together with adjacent beaches, harbors, inland waterways, natural and artificial islands, shorelines and onshore facilities directly or indirectly supporting offshore explorations, development, producing and transport operations.

“ACS is a proud member of the Global Response Network and is committed to collaboration and coordination with industry leading experts in oil spill response. The shared commonalities and individual differences serve to strength the effectiveness of each individual member through GRN
participation and information sharing.”

Jared Edgar, GRN Executive Committee
President/General Manager, Alaska Clean Seas

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