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Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) develops and maintains oil spill preparedness on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in order to combat oil pollution on behalf of all 31 operating oil companies. This includes response in open seas as well as in coastal waters and along shorelines.

NOFO is a dedicated, non-profit 24h/7d a week, oil spill response organisation with 42 full-time employees, 60+ duty/reinforcement personnel from operating oil companies and 80+ operators/ maintenance personnel assigned to 5 bases. Associated to NOFO is a Special Team of 60+ skilled personnel covering the role as advisors, on site commanders, team leaders and HSE advisors for Coast and Shoreline response, and a Beach Response Team of more than 40 skilled responders and team leaders with a 36 hour response time.

Assigned to NOFO is a fleet of approximately 30 Oil Recovery vessels with associated  towing vessels for mechanical recovery and /or dispersion offshore, and a fleet of more than 60 fishing vessels for coastal operations, all designed for response, and trained minimum twice annually. NOFO has a continuous focus on development of new response technology through sponsorship, technical advice and participation in selected industry projects, followed by field testing and verification of promising concepts during annual oil-on-water trials.

NOFO is part of the well-established national emergency preparedness model in Norway, which combines public and private oil spill response resources.

The Global Response Network is very valuable for NOFO. We are part of the world`s most professional network within our industry, in which there are great benefits.  We can utilise each other`s experience, participate in interdisciplinary discussions, and we have  professional discussion partners at our disposal.

The most valuable part of the GRN however, are the Operational Teams. They conduct a great many academic discussions that will help the further development of oil spill preparedness.

NOFO`s participation in the GRN has strengthened our capability and effectiveness through cooperation and collaboration “

Alv B. Solheim, GRN Executive Committee


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