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Clean Gulf Associates, Inc. (also called “Clean Gulf” or “CGA”) is a not-for-profit oil spill cooperative dedicated to the Gulf of Mexico’s exploration and production (E&P) industry as well as the public it serves, which provides continuous coverage, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert personnel to assist our members in mitigating marine incidents and protecting natural ecosystems.

Our current membership consists of 112 major and small independent companies, making the association one of North America’s largest oil spill cooperatives by membership.


The strength of the GRN is that the participating cooperatives have unique skillsets, equipment, experience and knowledge gained over the years while responding to oil spills of all types.

The information exchange and best practices shared collectively enhances our ability to better support our  member companies.”

Frank M. Paskewich, GRN Executive Committee
President, Clean Gulf Associates

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