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Established in 1991, the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC) based in Geelong represents a major commitment by the Australian oil industry to safeguard the Australian coastline in the event of major oil spill.

The Centre is financed by nine participating oil companies and other subscriber companies who carry out the vast majority of the oil and gas production, offshore pipeline, terminal operations and tanker movements around the Australian coast. AMOSC operates Australia’s major oil spill response equipment stockpile on 24 hour stand-by for rapid response anywhere around the Australian coast, and represents the oil industry contribution towards the Australian National Plan.

“The significance of a globally facing forum of  
professional  marine oil spill  response  organisations  has had a real impact ‘down under’  where the changes in the preparedness sector and expectations of stakeholders are sometimes  challenging  to rationalise. The ability for an OSRO to balance operational thinking against trends around other strategically positioned organisations provides a sense of stability and perspective. In a world where currently we are watching a downward trend of marine oil spills, the time, energy and resources we devote to prevention and preparedness can overtake our response foci.  

The biggest take-out for AMOSC with regards to the GRN, is our cooperation and collaboration as a global response network – where we spin the operational ‘wheels’ and help make a real dent in realistic commentary around what is actually needed in our response focused worlds.”

Nick Quinn, GRN Chairman
General Manager, AMOSC

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