AMOSC Emergency Spill Equipment on site
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Established in 1991, the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC) based in Geelong represents a major commitment by the Australian oil industry to safeguard the Australian coastline in the event of major oil spill.

The Centre is financed by nine participating oil companies and other subscriber companies who carry out the vast majority of the oil and gas production, offshore pipeline, terminal operations and tanker movements around the Australian coast. AMOSC operates Australia’s major oil spill response equipment stockpile on 24 hour stand-by for rapid response anywhere around the Australian coast, and represents the oil industry contribution towards the Australian National Plan.

“The Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC) is pleased to be a member of the Global Response Network (GRN) and support this important global institution. Participation in the GRN ensures that AMOSC can both deploy and contribute to global good practice, for the betterment of our members, the Australian energy and maritime sectors and the Australian community.

Thankfully, spills to the sea of petroleum products is becoming increasingly rare. Therefore, it becomes even more important that a global community of response ready teams share their learnings and views, and are able to help each other in their time of need. The GRN allows us to do these things.”

Phillip Starkins, GRN Executive Committee
Chief Executive Officer, AMOSC

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