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Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC ~ SIMEC) is the largest Transport Canada Certified Response Organisation (RO) in Canada. It has two roles: provide parties with an arrangement with a certified RO as required by Canadian Law; and provide marine spill response services to its members when requested to do so.

ECRC ~ SIMEC provides coverage in all Canadian waters east of the Rocky Mountains, except for the ports of Saint John, NB and Point Tupper NS. Headquartered in Ottawa, ECRC ~ SIMEC operates six response centres located in three regions: Great Lakes, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. The organisation owns specialised response equipment, has developed pre-planned strategies for protecting important sensitivities and maintains contracts with trained response contractors, consultants and response specialists.

“Being a member of the GRN means being recognised among the  leaders of international preparedness response  organisations. 

Participation in the various Operating Teams provides a  unique opportunity to obtain and share experiences and to be aware of new methodologies, procedures and technologies in oil spill preparedness and response.

GRN membership provides opportunities for our personnel to develop relationships with others in the response industry and to gain valuable field experience from visits to other members’ facilities, training sessions and actual responses. Membership in the GRN makes us all better.”


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